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One of the worldwide bases for automotive manufacturing, Bursa owes its reputation to young and qualified labor force, competitive and sophisticated supply chain and developed infrastructure.

Bursa automotive sector, with international standards of production and product quality has become an industry which exports to global markets.

Automotive supply industry also benefits from sustainable competitive advantage in global markets in terms of quality and scale of production.

Major sub-industry products are motor and motor parts, inner and outer tube and tyres, transmission components, brake systems and parts, hydraulic and pneumatic components, suspension components, safety components, rubber and rubber components, chassis components and parts, casting and casting parts, electrical equipments and lighting systems, accumulators, auto Windows, motor oils and additives, auto seats and upholstery.

Automotive sector in Bursa aims to;
  • increase its sales potential and access to global markets via new railway and highway investments to be finished shortly
  • benefit from developing domestic market
  • benefit more from the advantages of state supports
  • become a global R&D and design center