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Free Zone

In spite of being located within the political boundaries of Turkey, Free Zones are special areas that are deemed to be at a place out of customs borders. These areas are designed to increase the number of investments focusing on export.

Legal and administrative regulations being applied in commercial, financial and economic sites in customs areas are either never applicable or partly applicable in Free Zones.

Advantages Provided By Free Zones

  • %100 exemption from customs taxes and taxes of same kind
  • %100 exemption from corporate tax for manufacturer firms
  • %100 exemption from value added tax (VAT) and private consumption taxes
  • Goods may be kept within Free Zones without any time limits and profits and incomes procured in Free Zones may freely be transferred to all of the countries including Turley without any prior compulsory authorization.
  • Goods in free circulation may be dispatched to Turkey or the EU countries from free zones without receiving any customs tax. Besides, no customs tax is applied for the entry of goods whose origin is of a third country into Free Zones or delivery of goods for these countries.
  • Companies may freely transfer the profits they obtained in Free Zones to abroad or Turkey without any restriction.


Bursa Free Zone was founded in Gemlik district neighbouring the ports, 35 km’s far from Bursa city centre.

Bursa Free Zone is providing tax advantage, infrastructure and easy accession to ports’ region to the companies that are manufacturing towards export.