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Facts & Figures

Bursa, carriying the characteristics of a modern city, is also one of the rare cities in the world which established the harmony between nature, industry and technology. Bursa has always been an important trade town thanks to being located on sea and land trade routes.

Bursa is also a cradle of civilization and a town of history which brings the spatial and architectural characteristics of Byzantine, Ottoman and Republican eras to the present. Bursa is a global attraction center thanks to its developed manufacturing industry and trade and thus has a significant influence on the growth of Turkish economy. Automotive, machinery, furniture, textile, agriculture and food industries in the region are worldwide competitive sectors. Beside  its leading sectors, Bursa is also manufacturing high techology products with its rising sectors like railway systems, aerospace and defense sectors. 

Area (including lakes) 10,886 km2
Population (2018) 2 ,994,521
Annual Growth Rate of Population (‰) (2018-2017) 19,65
Labor Force Participation Rate (%) (2013) 51,4
Employment Rate (15+) (%) (2013) 48
Total Foreign Trade Volume (million USD) (2018)  19,671
Total Export (million USD) (2018)  11,153
Total Import (million USD) (2018)  8,518
Number of OIZs (Organised Industry Zones) 17
Number of Ports 7
Number of Applications for Patent (2018) 440
Ranking in Number of Applications for Patent of 81 Provinces (2018) 3
Number of R&D Centres (December 2019) 130
Ranking in Number of R&D Centres of 81 Provinces (December 2019) 2
Number of Design Centres December 2019) 26

Source: Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), Turkish Patent Institute, Ministry of Industry and Technology