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Education 2016-2017  Autumn Period
Number of Pre-Schools 784
Number of Primary Schools 480
Number of Lower Secondary Schools 491
Number of Upper Secondary Schools 166
Number of Vocational and Technical Secondary Education Schools 169
Number of General Secondary Education Students 87.225
Number of Vocational and Technical Secondary Education Students 101.838
2016-2017 Autumn Period
Number of Universities 2
Number of Foundation Vocational School 1
Number of Higher Education Academic Staff 2.697
Number of Vocatıonal Traıning School & Undergraduate Students 63.317
Number of Masters & Doctorate Students 8.664


Health 2015
Number of Hospitals 39
Number of Ministry of Health Hospitals 19
Number of Private Hospitals 18
Number of University Hospitals 1
Number of Other Hospitals (Military) 1
Total Number of Hospital Beds 6.808
Number of Private Hospital Beds 1.144
Number of Other Hospital Beds (Ministry Of Health, University, Military) 5.664


Culture 2016
Number of Cinemas 63
Number of Cinema Seats 7.360
Number of Theaters 15
Number of Theater Seats 4.423
Number of Public Libraries 17
 Source: Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) (Culture, Health Statistics), Ministry of Education Formal Education Statistics, Council of Higher Education (YÖK)