Automotive Sector Came Together in Bursa by ‘Automotive Meetings’

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Technology and Bursa Organised Industry Zone, Automotive Meetings Bursa 2017 took place on 14-16th November 2017 in Merinos Atatürk Congress Culture Centre.

‘Automotive Meetings-Manufacturing & After Market’ which is a worldwide headliner meeting among supply chain meetings, took place in Bursa in November 2017 as a first time after the events in Mexico, Colombia and USA. The event in Bursa became the first Automotive Meetings event organised in the region of Europe and Middle East.

Automotive Meetings Bursa is the only auto supply chain event in Turkey for automotive and aftermarket industry. The event targets to gather engineering, procurement, supply chain, fabrication, with suppliers and service providers of the sector by pre-arranged one-to-one meetings.

Around 120 domestic and 75 foreign prominent companies of the world participated to Automotive Meetings Bursa.

The event that started by the opening speech of Chairman of the Board of Executives of Bursa Organised Industry Hüseyin DURMAZ. Then, the representatives of the sponsors of the event as Union of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters, YAZAKI, DOSAB (Demirtas Organised Industry Zone), HOSAB (Hasanaga Organised Industry), Yesilova Holding took the floor. Head of Automotive Department of Ministry of Commerce mentioned the importance of the automotive sector towards export targets. The Chairman of the Board of Executives of BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Trade) Ibrahim BURKAY, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur AKTAS, Bursa Governor Izzettin KUCUK made their opening speeches. Chairman of the Board of Executives of Zorlu Holding Nazif ZORLU has also participated to the opening ceremony.

On the first day of 3 days event of Automotive Meetings Bursa, the presentation about the subjects like Turkish automotive sector related to the future of automotive sector, Fourth Industry Revolution, autonomous and electric cars were done by the representatives of foremost companies of the world and Turkey.

On the second and third day of the event, the representatives of the companies and organisations had opportunity to carry out business-to-business meetings. By the pre-arranged appointments through the matching programme, domestic companies carried out business-to-business meetings with companies from Mexico, South Korea, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Germany and so on.

BEBKA Bursa Investment Office took its place in the area of business-to-business meetings and carried out over 40 meetings with umbrella organisations and societies in the sector as well as the representatives of the sector. During two days of B2B meetings, in the zone that is only open to limited accession of the sector representatives, in the meetings carried out with a schedule, Bursa automotive sector and Bursa investment climate were promoted. In the meetings, the information pertaining to the sectoral activities of foreign representatives of the sector as well as on their needs and trends were obtained. The information on Bursa Investment Office’s working area, missions were explained and also public supports and investment opportunities for foreign investors in Bursa were promoted during the meetings.

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