In order to contribute to the entrance of small and medium-sized enterprises to the international markets and to improve their export capacities, the Foreign Market Support Program came into force and applications are started to be received by KOSGEB.

           Purpose of the Program

  • To improve the skills and capabilities of SMEs to open them to the foreign markets
  • Increasing the foreign market shares of SMEs
  • Making SMEs the actors of international competition
  • To increase the number of SMEs started to export
  • To increase the number of SMEs started to do e-commerce

          The context of the Program

    • The duration of this project-based support program is minimum 6 months and maximum 24 months.
    • Total amount of support per project is 300.000 TL.
    • Support rate is applied as 70% non-refundable and 30% reimbursement, excluding personnel expenses.
    • Enterprises can benefit from this support only once.

 Table 1. Support Upper Limits

Support Item Support Upper Limit (TL)
Staff Expense 100.000
Software and Hardware Expenses 100.000
Promotion Expenses 100.000
International Fair and Travel Expenses 150.000
Testing, Analysis and Certification Expenses 100.000
Service Purchase Expenses 100.000

For the details of the program:
For the application to the program:
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