We Have Carried Out ‘Bursa Retail Trade Sector Summit and Workshop’

With the cooperation of Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and Bursa Provincial Directorate of Commerce, ‘Bursa Retail Sector Summit’ has been carried out.

In the summit, that took place in BTSO building, Bursa Provincial Director of Commerce Zübeyir TOKGÖZ, President of BESOB (Union of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen) Arif TAK, BTSO Executive Board Member İbrahim GÜLMEZ, Deputy Mayor of Bursa Greater Municipality Abdülkadir KARLIK, Bursa Vice Governor and Deputy Secretary General of BEBKA Yunus Fatih KADİROĞLU made their opening speech. Bursa Vice Governor and Deputy Secretary General of BEBKA Yunus Fatih KADİROĞLU said ‘Bursa Retail Sector Summit’ that is carried out by the participation of representatives of the sector, public institutions and academicians would enlighten the future of the sector.

After the opening speeches, Assistant General Director of Domestic Trade of Ministry of Customs and Trade made a detailed presentation about Law No. 6585 on the Regulation of Retail Trade.

In the continuation of the program, by the moderation of Sönmez Media Editor-in-Chief Okan TUNA, the open session with the participation of Deputy President of KMD (Chain Store Association) and CEO of KOÇTAŞ Alp Önder ÖZPAMUKÇU, BTSO Retail Trade Council Manager Berna KIRCI AŞIROĞLU and Vice Manager of Social Sciences Institute of Uludağ University Assoc. Dr. Çağatan TAŞKIN has taken place.

In the open session, it was stated that retail sector is the 4th biggest sector in Turkey and also regarding the turnover it comes after manufacturing sector. It was explained that there is a need for organisation and institutionalisation of the sector. It was added that there is an eminent change in retail sector and the usage of new marketing channels in line with the customers’ requests is required.

In ‘Bursa Retail Trade Sector Summit’, after the open session, ‘Bursa Retail Trade Sector Workshop’ took place in the afternoon session. The representatives of private sector, university, Ministry of Customs and Trade, BTSO and also the representatives of Bursa PERDER (Bursa Retailers Association), BEKSİAD (Baby Child Apparel Sector Industry and Businessmen Association), Union of Bursa Historical Markets and  Khans participated to the workshop. The moderation of the workshop has been carried out by the specialists of BEBKA Bursa Investment Office and Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit. In the first part of the workshop, that had two parts, by SWOT analysis of the groups, the varied perspectives of Bursa retail sector have been put on the table by the participants. Following the first part of the workshop, the targets and strategies have been determined under the emerging headlines of Bursa retail trade sector.

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